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Copyright Terms for this Website and Contents

All design and content of this website are copyright Flying Colours Entertainment except for the content (including but not limited to: photos, videos, logos or text) that have been authorised by the copyright holder to be used by us for promotional or review purposes. Some content may be available in the public domain on a fair use basis. If we have used content that is not in the public domain please let us know so we can remove it

We use acts' photos, videos and other content to promote their acts. To prevent their content from being used by unauthorised sources we may have watermarked photos and videos with our website address. While we make every effort to inform all the acts we promote about this policy there may be occassions when you or the copyright holder does not wish to have the watermark. Please contact us so we can remove any items you do not wish to be on our websites due to this policy

If you have any queries about the copyright status of any content on our website please contact us so we can address the issue